ADN Galeria was founded in 2003 with the aim of creating a hybrid platform between commercial mediation and cultural contribution, with the aim of disseminating current artistic trends. The program is focused on productions that prioritize content and is positioned as a semantic reflection of the contextual dynamics in which they are generated. Beyond commercial mediation, Adn Galeria is committed to artists to generate international appreciation networks that encourage debate on the lines of force of contemporary creation, making it possible to establish solid foundations for the development of their careers in through an active policy of media dissemination, online communication and presence at fairs. The gallery has established a policy of collaborative work with intellectuals and professionals from the sector to enrich the program and promote the dynamism of the most current visual arts, emphasizing the relationship between art, politics and society, as well as other activities that are consolidated in the Adn Platform’s parallel exhibition program. Likewise, emerging collecting is supported with continuous and local advice.

María María Acha-Kustcher, Carlos Aires, Marcos Ávila-Forero, Virginie Barré, Abdelkader Benchamma, Tobias Bernstrup, Santiago Cirugeda, Jordi Colomer, DEMOCRACIA, Domènec, Igor Eskinja, mounir fatmi, Daniel & Geo Fuchs, Kendell Geers, Núria Güell, Margaret Harrison, Bouchra Khalili, Adrian Melis, Eugenio Merino, Carlos Pazos, Bruno Peinado, Federico Solmi, Pep Vidal.

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08036 Barcelona

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