Irene Royo

Irene Royo (Barcelona, 1998) Interdisciplinary visual artist who lives and works in Barcelona. Graduated in photography and self-taught painter. Her abstract paintings are built from spontaneity and improvisation, resulting in shapes and colors that are born from impulsive gestures. She has exhibited in different spaces between Barcelona and France. Her pictorial work has been exhibited at 35 Saint Denis, Paris (2020), Librería Terranova, Barcelona (2022) and Angoisse, Barcelona (2016). She has participated in different photography exhibitions such as: Paradoxical Exhibition, Space ECH, Barcelona (2020), Exabrupto Festival, Moià (2019); Arles #3 Fotoever Night – Archdiocese Court, Arles (2019); Fotoever – Grand Palais, Lille (2019); Fotoever París – Carrousel du Louvre, Paris (2018) and Les rencontres d’Arlés, Off – Arlés Sarto Bar (2018).