30.06.2022 03.09.2022

Wave motion

“Wave Motion” is an allusion to Taoism, referring to the path of Tao, a life in constant movement and change.

This first exhibition of the artist is a faithful reflection of the his true essence. It is built on three pillars on which his work is founded: the philosophical, the political and the spiritual. The three aspects are present in the work in the right proportion, as are the mind, the body and the soul in life.

Each one of the paintings, which is born from a first emotion, accumulates brush strokes of the subconscious on the cardboard encapsulating a message that Victor launches against the viewer.

There is a subtle and acid irony between the layers of acrylic. A wake-up call that invites those who contemplate the work to reflect, hidden behind a sharp double meaning that crosses prejudices and exudes freedom.