30.06.2022 29.07.2022

Una oda a la infància

Ana Monsó presents her new project “An Ode to Childhood”. 

Creating work that is both familiar and nostalgic, Ana center’s her practice around self-reflective musings of sacred moments. Drawing from memories of childhood, Ana creates freely, allowing the finished painting to be an amalgation of her inspirations. 

An ode to the dormant childlike innocence once so familiar to us all.

To interpret the world without rules, without boundaries. 

Innocence, curiosity, adventure, purity, joy. 

Reminiscing about a familiar time, that wasn’t so far away. 

The joyous inner-child within. An exploration into the playful abandon of formal structure.


June 30th opening at Casa Rius Barcelona (Pl. Joan Brossa). From July 1st, the exhibition moves to Pigment Gallery – Lab Art Studio (C/ Enrique Granados 15-17)