30.06.2022 15.07.2022

Un-ordinary objects

“Un-ordinary objects” proposes an exhibition linked to the home, the everyday life and the functionality of objects. A reinterpretation of the everyday object and household furniture that aims to highlight its own functions, as well as the relationship established between these objects and the individual.

Through the encounter between the two disciplines that identify each of us (ceramics and illustration), we initiate an experimentation that results in works understood in an everyday context with an almost sculptural formalisation, creating pieces that are functional as well as objects of contemplation.

Starting from the analysis of the basic architectural elements for the creation of a space-shelter-home, we develop a series of pieces that symbolise them, such as the fireplace, the chair-stool-table and the definition of the separation of rooms by means of delimiting components such as walls and curtains.

 We understand the home as a refuge, a shelter, a place of gathering and celebration, as well as a warm space, which in contemporary times has become mobile, nomadic. The pieces, then, are reinterpreted in this context, to fulfill the multiple functions that our times demand, without losing their most primitive sense.

Likewise, we also want to show the objects that define an “inhabited” home, the interaction of the individual with this space, formalizing it with the creation of a kind of trousseau adaptation; a clock that defines time in a new way, fabrics, a vase with flowers, among other pieces.