28.06.2023 31.07.2023

Trazas de Ronda

In 2019, a family-owned building located in Bilbao’s Casco Viejo is up for sale. The property has belonged to the family of a member of the collective since his great- grandmother bought it before the Civil War. In addition to having been lived in by generations of family members for eighty years, the building has been inhabited and uninhabited over the years. Since a few years ago, the building dated 1905 is on the verge of collapse, so there is no longer anyone to witness its demise. When we began to analyse and document it so that it would not be completely forgotten, we were not able to see beyond the ruin and decay. Gradually -with each photograph and each drawing- traces, stains, footprints, broken pieces, imperfections that evidenced the presence and the memory of the people who lived in the building began to appear. The research premise, therefore, became the following: in the house, all emotional actions have their formal expression. An argument, a meal, a hasty descent of the stairs, a move, a heartbreak; all leave their mark on each building, bringing to light past voices that have long been silenced. Throughout the work and through different techniques, links have been revealed between different themes such as collecting, traceability, superposition and nostalgia, all of them interrelated through stories sometimes of a scientific-historical nature, sometimes fictitious, but which aim to build a unique story that vindicates the complexity of domestic spaces.