04.07.2024 06.07.2024

Toad keep me from the mirror

Juli Mesa says: “We grow old in the spaces of memories / when we are moved from these spaces, what / hope is left for us to regain our sanity / to see ourselves in the mirror / and recognise our history”. In this exhibition, the three artists converse from three different places. They exchange postcards of the spaces they are building. Judit is building her father’s house, which she started to document when she finally decided to go inside. Marta is cementing the family home, discovering the fragile foundations of its balance. Meritxell designs a place to spend time, a place that does not exist and that she must build. From these intimate architectures they talk about the lack of control, about the ornamental plants, the glass and the clash and about something that exists for its own sake. Toad keep me from the mirror is a curatorial proposal by Ezequiel Soriano that arises within the framework of the collaboration between Homesession, Grup d’Innovación Docent “Art, Professió i Docència” of the University of Barcelona and Sala d’Art Jove. A triple alliance that aims to establish a dialogue between the students of the Faculty of Fine Arts and the professional artistic context.