26.06.2024 07.09.2024

The Living Wardrobe

Prats Nogueras Blanchard presents a video installation titled “The Living Wardrobe” by Martí Madaula. “The Living Wardrobe” is an autofiction tale based on a personal experience the artist has lived during an art residency in Bilbao in 2020. After starting to date with a boy, the huge empty wardrobe situated in his sleeping room, gradually begins to fill up. “I began to think of my wardrobe as a living being, as an organism; with each new piece of clothing that entered its guts, I felt I was feeding some sort of creature that was metabolizing me into someone different than who I was, someone I didn’t know if I wanted to be. “ Using the image of a living wardrobe as its central metaphor, the short film grapples with the friction between keeping one’s individuality and embracing new love