30.06.2022 31.07.2022

Dos rombos

Nudity, too much skin, breasts, buttocks, reproductive organs, delicate content that shows excessive nudity and alludes to the sexual act. That is how social networks have categorized my work by censoring the images and
depriving me of my freedom of expression and visibility, something so important for an artist.
Art is not pornography and I am surprised that this occurs in the middle of the century XXI and, precisely, from that space that most boasts of independence: The one from the social networks.
This exhibition proposal arises at the moment in which I am aware of that repression and that leads me to investigate the Shunga (Japanese erotic art) and reinterpret some scenes, wondering where the line is between the pornographic and erotic. What about sexuality expressed as an artistic language and what are the values ​​by which these social networks are managed to decide what is objectionable or not.
I have come to internalize this censorship by questioning myself since place I expressed my work, sometimes feeling modesty and that has made reaffirm myself more that my content goes beyond sexuality and its look. This has greatly enriched my work since art in a continuous dialogue between the work and the world.

Talking about sexuality from art is a topic that has been dealt with throughout of history and the human nude has always been one of the central themes of art.
The RAE defines censorship as “opinion and judgment that is made or given about a work or writing”.

This exhibition is an invitation to review the rules imposed by networks social networks to redefine our behavior by shaping our identity.