30.06.2022 30.07.2022


“Sobremesa” is based on an investigation that seeks on the way we consume, the content we choose to nourish ourselves and our way of sharing. The proposal is oriented towards the exploration of the relationship between spectator and artwork, using sculpture and food as a bridge between them. Through an installation-performance that combines sculpture and bakery, the artist proposes to create edible works that invite the public to feed themselves and intervene directly in the sculptures, when they interact with them for their ingestion. The intention of this proposal is to dilute the line between creation, observation and manipulation, by allowing the public to impact the work through the action of eating, exploring direct physical contact with the materials and transforming something as everyday as eating bread into an extraordinary gesture. In an attempt to evidence the way that we share, “Sobremesa” questions the permanence of sculpture and its function. 

Project in collaboration with master baker, Xavier Barriga, founder of the Turris bakeries in Barcelona, the 137drg workshop in El Poblenou and Tortilla de Mar.