07.06.2024 19.07.2024


In this project, the artist seamlessly integrates her ongoing exploration of identity and belonging with a poignant reflection on the universal experience of migration. Building upon her previous work, which often delves into themes of displacement and cultural adaptation, the exhibition space transforms into a multifaceted playground. Here, the familiar motifs of her practice intertwine with the narrative of the migrant’s journey, offering viewers a nuanced understanding of the complexities inherent in the quest for home and belonging. Anna Andrzhievskaya’s visual language paints a post-apocalyptic fantasy-hallucinogenic world where the impossible is possible and the incongruous is harmoniously compatible. Wandering between worlds and genres, the artist works with painting, graphics, objects, installations, happenings and performances in both real and virtual space. Her favorite characters often move from one work to another, turning Anna’s exhibition projects into an endless series, the episodes of which can be watched in any order.