07.06.2024 19.07.2024

Sala 17

After a residency at Tangent Projects, Barcelona, and a three month period of research at The British School at Rome researching speculative architecture and social space, anti colonial narratives and mythologies in both Italy and Spain, Sadia and Beau’s latest body of work expands on these layered histories. The collaborative duo are developing a new installation using a variety of contemporary and traditional processes including laser cut metal, rustic greenwood, wainscoting, toolmaking and film, to explore the complex entanglement of imperialism, craft and labour. Research and mythmaking around anti-colonial revolutionaries including Jose Rizal and his imprisonment in Montjüic Castle, Barcelona, are told through quasi-historical landscapes, neo-traditional wood craft and resonant tools suspended between use, archive and ornamentation. Merging the games room of a colonial house with the hidden labour and narratives that produce it, the installation unfolds stories both real and fictional. The intimate, unknowable, overlapping or conflicting narratives within the archive coalesce to create a speculative architecture, inspired by the futures of these sites and the layered narratives within them.