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Jieyu Zheng, born in Zhejiang, China, in 1997, lives and works in Florence. Her artistic journey focuses on the interaction between memory and painting, exploring the dissolution of barriers between dream and reality over time. Dominated by the color black, symbolizing her existence, her work interrupts the darkness with points of light, representative of moments of return to reality. After moving to Europe, Zheng seeks a new identity in a foreign society. The pervasive black color becomes an emotional vehicle, inspiring the representation of new conquests through bright points of light. Memory brings her back to the nights of Wenzhou, linked to the persistent smell of patchouli, a symbol of identity and roots. Observing daily life, Zheng detaches herself from society to better understand herself, experiencing a sense of estrangement from every place. Trying to illuminate the darkness, her palette incorporates lighter shades, depicting awakening through glimpses of light in the darkness. Despite the lack of belonging, waiting and memories keep her tied. Zheng offers an intimate look into her exploration of society and identity, inviting the audience to immerse themselves in an artistic journey rich in symbolism and introspection.