30.06.2022 29.07.2022


They live with us like the sound of water flowing down the river. Some smell musty and chemical. Others produce calluses on the tip of our big toe. Steamy, hot, and freshly made, they are shared live or chilled and kept as a souvenir. They cling to any support, clinging to the light during the day and illuminating us dressed in blue at night. But… What do they want?

This collection of works fulfills the desire for images-not to be forgotten. Between sobs, they whisper help waiting for a brushstroke to rescue them. With subtle violence, what in a second broke the intimacy of the gaze, is treated and cared for days, weeks, months… From their new pictorial identity, they now gain the attention of our eyes that little by little being lost indefinitely in their material reality.

In this valley of data, what does the painting want? PAIN2U. I share your pain. From pigment molecules to the cells of our bodies. I connect with you.