26.06.2024 03.09.2024

Mi mamá me mima

The work of Elena Garrigolas is a study of the individual in society. The gazeof an artist who observes head-on the relationships, beliefs, and taboos that align human behavior. It dissects the family which is protective yet uncomfortable. The bodies speak and the limbs rebel. Works that explore the nooks andcrannies of the human being, the pain, the humor, the heartbreak and ultimately, life in all its angles. Works that reveal power relations, religiousculture, the role of women, mothers, desire, and the body as a container andtool. Elena Garrigolas’s inspiration is very broad, from Art Brut, medieval manuscripts, artists like Miriam Cahn, Paula Rego, Nancy Spero, Goya, andthe internet culture in which we are immersed with the visual language of memes. The work of Elena Garrigolas offers a feminine, tense, harsh, histrionic, aesthetic, contemporary and above all, political view, a work that risks, that
emanates from within, that surprises, that captivates for its honesty, expression and freedom without filters.