29.06.2023 28.07.2023

Less than Container Load

The architecture of a space distributes the transit of bodies. It is these flows and connections that are born from the encounter between bodies and materials what drives Mercedes Pimiento to investigate spatial conditions and to go beyond their limits. For the Art Nou exhibition, the artist explores the relationship between organic and synthetic materials; their mutability, porosity and capacity to gain or lose shape.

Less than Container Load explores the language of matter and architecture and how they generate or alter a given reality. The title refers to a shipping term that alludes to cargo that does not occupy an entire container. In dialogue with the architecture of the white cube of the gallery, whose exterior shape reminds us of an industrial shipping container, the materials contract and expand with the desire to denaturalize and transform their circulation and permeability. In this process, the flows of matter invite us to speculate about what could have been part of the space and to fantasize about what it could house.