19.06.2024 14.07.2024


Maintenance is a textile installation consisting of found images and textiles that have been fused together, proposing an alternative form of storytelling. The work references “Manifesto for Maintenance Art” (Laderman Ukelis 1969) which discusses how society is divided into two basic systems: development and maintenance. Development, associated with the avant-garde, the individual, and the innovative, and maintenance, associated with tasks of preservation, repetition and care. The fabrics are handmade, intricately woven textiles historically associated with the feminine, and the domestic. They are brought into a gallery context as found objects, as well as to be in dialogue with the photographs that have been translated onto them. The quiet repetitive nature of the fabrics and the photos representing different examples of “maintenance” (of the earth, the household, the mind and body, as well as a more theoretical maintenance of social/political structures) weave together a constellation that proposes a reevaluation of progress and maintenance. The work explores what the narrative of the maintenance worker looks like today, in the age of over-saturation, overprescription, and extreme polarization. Are we all maintenance workers? If so, what is it that we are constantly, monotonously and obsessively reinforcing?