28.06.2023 02.09.2023

I’ll show you everything that I’ve seen

Based on the questions: what does it mean to be a new artist? And in seeming opposition, what is ageing? Specially in this apocalyptic eco-social crisis era in which it seems that we will not reach old age, how do we visualize our ageing?

Alba García i Allué investigates experiences, encounters and landscapes from her perspective as a young artist accompanied by ancestral landscapes and decomposing natural materials. She experiments with the possibilities of narrating herself as a method of subsistence through the video of a tiktoker who looks for signs that guide her path in a context where what is considered useless, is seen as invaluable in the eyes of a public that enters rarefied artistic spaces.

The exhibition by Alba García i Allué will be accompanied by a piece from the series “School of Ageing” by Ana Gallardo. The dialogue between these two artists -at opposite ends of their careers- is linked in techniques, materials, perspectives and the self-awareness of the social and labor role of the contemporary artist.