22.06.2023 30.09.2023

hapy like a fly

Clément Courgeon’s artistic practice weaves intricate narratives inspired by his research into Western folklore and rituals associated with carnival. “My work is a burrow, a shrine of absurdity. It revolves around the encounter of multiple mediums: photography, performance, painting, costume making and props. They come together to form an envelope that triggers my performance”, Courgeon writes about his practice. For his exhibition at Colette Mariana, Clément Courgeon presents a new series of photographic objects. The photos he works with were taken in recent years in the privacy of his attic. Most of them are self-portraits in which the artist disguises himself or, on the contrary, undresses using costumes and accessories he makes for his performances. For Clément, it is a matter of experimenting in a more flexible temporality in a safe and private area. These photos are slides that the artist cuts, stains, scratches and draws. The result of this workshop work are timeless images reminiscent of surrealist photography or first experimental videos through an iconography that mixes folkloric elements and popular cultures.