29.08.2023 30.07.2023

Hands, Hands, Hands  

Now, in an era when one could so readily retreat into irony or lethargy, I consider that the value of art lies in the possibility to re-imagine one’s agency. As the epistemological methodology for this, I rely on the feminist agency model. I experiment with creating a visual/synesthetic experience by connecting this feminist analytic viewpoint to the technical devices. I translate products of emotions, psychology, and/or information into my work so that it creates a sense of delay, which makes me grasp the workings of cultural power that is easily invisible. In this exhibition, I am motivated by the question of ‘How do lovely feelings twist power?’ and use Heterosexual Romanticism as a medium for my work. Through this, I attempt to make visible the realistic-fragile relation between the subject and the other, working at the internal level of a person with feminist self-consciousness. -Solin Yoon-