27.06.2024 11.07.2024

Generative Dimension

Generative Dimension invites us to think about the naturalized and carefree use we make of webcams and mobile cameras. Are these really tools of representation? How do we observe ourselves? How do we register and generate an identity through technologies that (we) produce and reproduce socially and psychologically both online and offline? The real-time image generated by the webcam in Generative Dimension is presented as a kind of digital mirror in which the “reflection” of what is captured is transformed into data, that is, into information expressed numerically. It thus becomes susceptible to being transformed, modified and even corrupted. And the process of fragmentation (datification) leads to a recontextualization of this data, which is transferred, overlapped and arranged in a new digital space where the past is accumulated, generating in real time a present full of abstraction. With this Generative Dimension, the artist Asia Dib opens, then, a space of possibility and play with the image and identity, and does so through a double glitch: that of the image captured by the webcam in the process of digitalization of a “reflection”, and that of temporality, with the rupture and fragmentation of becoming in “real time”. PROJECT CURATORED BY Ana Soriano, Egor Chenkurov, Etan Niño and Francesca Crosa STUDENTS of the Master’s Degree in Digital Art Curating ESDI-URL, 2023-2024 edition