18.07.2024 26.07.2024

From Brazil with Warmth

“From Brazil with Warmth” poetically addresses climate as a major force in our ways of living by focusing on the interplay between architecture, the environment, and humans. My mother lived in São Paulo (1957-1969) before going back to Europe (FR, ES) to continue studying architecture. This territory, to which I have been particularly drawn ever since I was young, symbolizes something unknown but, at the same time relatively close. This series of 20 paintings narrates my first journey around Brazil through a distant and almost faint collection of images. During the process, first I appropriated the surrounding reality by capturing the present through photography. Then, by its representation through painting, I revealed a certain state. Each piece is precisely zoomed and framed, playing with the original composition, sometimes even altering it. Through gesture and light, faceless bodies, plants, and objects portray various uncertain conditions contemplated, so “warmth is just heat remembered”.