14.07.2022 29.07.2022

Estructura radicular

The works in the ​exhibition deal with representations of roots, parts of a large root system of the same tree. Against the reign of individualism, the artist reminds us that we are a community, a society, that is the roots that it represents. Roots as a symbol of the anchor to the earth, of permanence, of the search for a common good. It recalls the responsibility that this implies, and denounces the passivity and indifference that, from one side of the structure, we have on the other. The work, and the curatorship of the exhibition, introduce the viewer into a space, inside the subsoil . The room is surrounded by the ramifications designed in each of the works. Alicia shows the root system as a starting point to think about and deepen our role as a group, emphasizing that we are part of a group, a society, a community, with all that this entails. To materialize this sense of union, of belonging to the same place, Gimeno works in elegant works on roots, fragments of a gigantic structure. The works are made on cotton canvas, in some cases with raw textile, in others on a prior primer. They are worked with vinyl acrylic paint, a black with a matte effect, a flat and intense tone and a limited color range.