05.07.2023 07.07.2023


“Errata is an exhibition that alludes to a main concern: the defense of error as a right, a contradiction and a process that presents itself from its own exteriority. Between hands that manipulate and show material, Anna Bueno, Ainoa Galí and Sylvia Hornsveld build an exhibition proposed as an essay, or as an exercise to define and signify the artistic processes from their own times, as well as from the spaces they occupy. It is a reflection on the artistic object as processual; as a dynamic and performative agent, always in relation to what it gives rise to. Essays on exteriority and manuality, on space and bodies that find in time the possibility of compacting themselves. A serie of gestures are proposed by repetition, connection and incision, interested in letting themselves be seen as distant from a systematic and mechanized coherence, very present at the moment. Errata is a curatorial proposal by Anna Sevilla Paris that arises within the framework of the collaboration between Homesession, the Grupo de Innovación Docente “Art, Professió i Docència” of the Universitat de Barcelona and the Sala d’Art Jove. A triple alliance that aims to establish a dialogue between the students of the Faculty of Fine Arts and the professional artistic context. “