29.06.2023 01.09.2023

delightful murmur of encompassed desires

“in the very beginning , i stayed still, mitioneless , stay in the same place, be safe, my safe routine , don’t risk , don’t panik, but i panik , no ask ,no answer, no look , no question , no question, no answer. stillnes doesn’t exist. going thro dense areas, i feel my feet sinking in the mud , sticky sticky , sticky mud. dense mud. wobly sand, gritty tiny particles becoming soft, around my skin and on ur chin, becoming soft, insist, within i bite my lips since i remember, i don’t have clear memories of a time when i didn’t bite them, before sleeping, lying down in bed without finding rest. in the back seat of our car on a long journey to the seaside …”

Curated by Lucía C. Pino