28.06.2023 02.09.2023

Crossing places

LUCE’s “modus operandi” (Valencia, 1989) is his constant walks around the city. This is his space for exploration, learning and creation. The place where he articulates subtle interventions and from where he extracts materials and information that he later distils in his drawings, in his objects or in his photographic compositions. A slow and attentive wandering, that never ends and that flows from the urban space and its periphery, to his studio. Writing is an essential element in his work. Used in actions in the city, as a passing trace of his transit, or as an expression of his ideas and experiences in his drawings.

Creuant Llocs (Crossing Places) brings together a selection of recent works, some presented now for the first time, and is the result of LUCE’s quiet but eloquent journey.

(Exhibition done in collaboration with 1Mira Madrid gallery)