01.07.2022 02.09.2022

Que me entierren con todo

Cristina Spinelli’s artistic practice unfolds through a deep relationship with materials. Her work reveals a kind of modus operandi that allows her to (re)combine the inherent meanings of materialities to build new stories, languages ​​and codes. Her works materialise an exercise of research and experimentation sustained over time, through which the artist fantasises about the possibility of discovering and manifesting imprints that inhabit the materials with which she is in contact with.

Que me entierren con todo is a game of accumulation of layers that is articulated out from presence and absence. The works that inhabit the gallery space are the result of the accompaniment of things throughout the process of making. Spinelli shapes and tears, over and over again, to get to the root, dissect and then (re)build again, thus uncovering corporalities and symbols. This accompaniment becomes a spiral in which the works, the materials, the shadows and the images meet and separate, appear and disappear, refer to each other, drag each other, affect each other.

Curated by Carla Gimeno Jaria