15.06.2023 15.09.2023

Condición natural

Condición natural brings together notions that have to do with specific areas of Cuban identity. These zones are wielded from the discourse of each artist and reach a wide spectrum of meanings: the individuality of the body and its cartography, the domestic context and everyday reality, the landscape as a chronotope and trace of history, political ideology and travel, religious expressions and sonorities. All this reveals an irrefutable reality, a cultural diversity that can be explained by the idiosyncratic mixture that inhabits the essence of Cubanness.

Condición natural is, in fact, an attitude with memory, a polyphony of Cuban creators who expose aesthetics and personal experiences for the sake of rethinking questions that have to do with their own identity. An identity – if it is to be understood as a whole – that is in constant movement, that is transformed over time by the imprint of new influences; but that at the same time preserves a core that defines it and finds its foundation in the will to belong.