03.06.2023 20.06.2023

(Con cuidado)

(Con cuidado) is a research and artistic creation project that is based on the identity positioning of the artist Helena Vinent as deaf and disabled. With this proposal, Vinent wants to subvert the ableist and paternalistic view that points to disabled women as apathetic, complacent, isolated, endearing, self-conscious, submissive, harmless and without any kind of political or sexual agency. The exhibition is conceived as an imaginary that revolves around the idea of a disco band, understanding the idea of a band as a group of people coordinated from a common struggle, capable of disrupting the established order and regenerating scenarios . Through subtitles, sculptural elements, sound, voice and image, the artist presents a fiction of a speculative and dreamlike nature. At the same time, some countdown timers talk about the different ways of understanding temporality from an anti-capacitist perspective. Each element simultaneously contains different interpretations that break with the idea of a single reading and absolute truth. Error, misunderstandings and confusion are evident, which are related to the experience of the artist as deaf in the audiocentric reality.