07.06.2023 22.07.2023

Cara a barraca!

Sara Santos Herbosa, Alberto Alejandro Rodríguez, Aya Eliav, Daianna Sierra Camacho, Diego Umbarila Mora, Giuseppe De Bernardi y Mercè Hernández Carbonell. Seven artists, six origins, one master’s degree and an exhibition space that once was someone’s house, an intimate place from which interpret the world, a shelter, a den of stories. In Cara a barraca!, the series of works developed specially for the occasion are shown shamelessly and with debauchery. From various perspectives, the exhibition condenses imaginaries that intersect in the now and today; in private and public spaces; in personal and collective memory and in the inherent need of art to connect and communicate to create a versatile vision of the reality that surrounds us. The popular expression de cara a barraca indicates to go straight to the grain, straight and short. Art often lacks this attitude, speaking bluntly. We want the work to impose itself on the discourse, like a punch on the table. Collective exhibition of the final projects of the Master of Artistic Production and Research, within the line Art and Intermedia Contexts, of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Universitat de Barcelona.