26.06.2024 05.09.2024

Armor, Digital Colonization II

The project “Blindaje, digital colonization” represents a sculptural proposal that delves into the complex affective relationships between individuals and their environment. complex affective relationships between individuals and their environment, focusing on the notion of the fragmented body on the notion of the fragmented body. The use of ancestral techniques of pre-Columbian American pre-Columbian peoples of the Americas, such as Bruñido, and of the original European ceramics, such as Tierra Sigillata, adds a historical and cultural component to the construction of the project. The technique used to fuse these elements seeks to highlight both union and protection, as well as separation and isolation, generating a reflection on the possible interactions between the bodies. While our bodies are immersed in the mysterious abstract territory of neoliberalism, cybernetic, constantly changing and adaptability, we begin to show our malleability capacity. We adapt to a present marked by the (in)visibility of technological communication devices. We carry in our bodily landscape a collective organ of cybernetic capitalism By detaching ourselves from this global organ, our emptied body fragments and resembles ancient vessels of the pre-Columbian cultures of the Andean altiplano. By means of coiling, slabbing and burnishing techniques, we connect with our ancestry and reflect on our present and the future. Our empty body of the cybernetic organ invites us to reflect on technological power and privacy in a controlled world where the line of freedom is blurred. We explore the limits of our cultural autonomy in this digital colonization, using clay as a vehicle for reflection.