11.05.2023 15.07.2023

Abrir la boca bien grande, cerrar el puño bien fuerte

The Arranz-Bravo de l’Hospitalet foundation presents the first institutional individual exhibition in Catalonia by Natalia Domínguez (Jerez de la Frontera, 1990). Artist selected by the residency program of Sant Andreu Contemporani-Fabra i Coats 2023, the exhibition at the FAB is a compendium of his recent interests in the field of sculptural practice. His work focuses on the investigation of different dimensions – physical, semantic, contextual or immaterial – linked to objects and phenomena of matter. His work starts from the exploration of objects with a sculptural charge that go unnoticed in our reality and that the artist needs to explore, deconstruct, resignify or, where appropriate, problematize.

The current artistic work of Natalia Domínguez has its origins in the project Una forma incontrolable, presented at the Instituto de América – Centro Damián Bayón (Santa Fe, Granada) at the beginning of 2022. From that exhibition a latent duality in his work, which debates between the expressive presence and the weightless fragility of matter and object bodies. The K-FLEX FC0-10 series shows its capacity for impact and formal alteration through the use and articulation of industrial materials, such as gas and liquid pipe insulation tubes, which the artist resizes and resignify, emphasizing the protective nature of the material and highlighting, without filters, its intrinsic rawness.