26.06.2024 03.09.2024

The House Protects the Dreamer

FUGA gallery presents the exhibition “The House protects the Dreamer” by the artist Lena Laguna Diel (Zürich, 1993), which is a compilation of different works that reflect the diversity of her artistic practice, which in this exhibition focuses on painting and ceramics.

Among the painting pieces, “Talk IV” stands out, characterized by its representation of conversation through a demanding color palette and a modular composition. This work is part of the “Talk” series, which has been in development since 2018. Diel’s approach to motif and color, and how these two elements combine, becomes evident in the artist’s working process. Searching for and finding colors is just as important as the motif itself, as it is through composition and balancing hues that the atmosphere where subjects interact in the painting is created. Diel carefully studies the composition and colors, applying color schemes and experimenting with how the colors behave on the canvas.

Regarding ceramics, “A Body in Fragments” is an installation that offers a unique exploration of the human figure and memory through ceramic fragments, each with individual motifs. Also we will be able to see “Dürkheimer. 10”, a representation of the house where the artist lived in Germany for five years, offering a window into her personal experience and connection with the environment; and also the delicately installed piece titled “Netz”, which invites viewers to immerse themselves in a world of intricate connections and hidden meanings.

Together, these works gathered in “The House protects the Dreamer” offer a unique vision of Lena Laguna Diel’s creative world, exploring themes ranging from human experience to personal memory and connection with the environment. Stemming from personal introspection and reflection on the nature of the human being, her works capture the complexity of the human condition and the interaction between the individual and their surroundings.

Diel’s work transcends mere aesthetics to become a window into experience and memory, where each stroke and color evokes deep emotions and memories. Through her works, Diel invites the viewer on an introspective journey, exploring universal themes such as love, loss, identity, nostalgia, the mysteries of human existence, and the interconnection of our lives with the world we inhabit.