11.07.2022 22.07.2022

112_ Col·lapse

The international artists participating in the exhibition presented at the Esther Montoriol Gallery “112: Collapse”, are part of the latest promotion of the Master’s Degree in Artistic Production and Research, Intermediate Art and Contexts branch (2021-22) of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona. Some of these artists have been in residence at the Fabra i Coats Creation Factory.

The title alludes to a call for help, it focuses on the intermediary and the sensitivity of the group that feels the tremor of contemporary relationships, the conflicts and the little that remains to be built. The time axis of the works is the present and they explore the qualities of a reality without collective agreements. The great plurality of the artistic investigations share a critical view of the world and reflect on the idea of the dystopian present.

Organized: Màster de Produccions i Recerca Artística, línia Art i Contextos Intermèdia, Facultat de Belles Arts, Universitat de Barcelona