Multidisciplinary Dialogues


From the conviction that critical and reflective thinking is a shared tool, which is never born from a single person, we propose a series of conversations between multidisciplinary creators, through which both common procedural and conceptual lines will be explored, as well as questions derived from daily practice in the workshop, as the site-laboratory of another way of thinking and reflecting.

The conversations will be guided by Núria Bitria, coordinator of the Postgraduate Course in Contemporary Applied Arts at the Escola Massana in Barcelona, and will revolve around issues such as the meanings of the found object and the themes that currently surround Textile Art.

The format is envisioned as a co-creation experience where words, poetry, music and visual arts can connect us and help us understand the emotions, sensations, feelings, actions and reactions to contact with the work and artistic thinking, in any of its materializations.

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