05.07.2023 05.07.2023

La esquina de tu ojo


When I ask myself what nourishes or what activates the desire for a curatorial practice from the perspective of the artist-curator relationship, I think of a sharing of knowledge, interests and motivations. I think of undoing established hierarchies or roles to focus attention on intermediate and transit spaces, which is where the process is located, and is where a relationship or a connection also emerges that can range from the intellectual to the affective.

This activity will be a shared reading that arises from attention to gestures derived from curatorial practice: observation, attention, association, writing, and search.

Through a compilation of texts and fragments by various authors, we will draw a correspondence around other ways of understanding curatorial practice, placing it far from the specific event –such as an exhibition format– and relating it to practices that make visible the processes and the exchange dynamics such as conversation or listening.

The fragments selected to activate a dialogue around curating come from authors who are in their practice writers, artists, philosophers, and in some cases, curators. These contents surround and approach the reason for the creative act or the reason for wanting to share or tell something. By activating a dialogue between the texts themselves and with the attendees, ways and connection points can be found in which curatorial and artistic practice come closer and where the artist-curator relationship can be articulated through new means and objectives.

The activity will take place in Parc del Poblenou (Av. del Litoral, 84) and it is booking is requierd in artnou@artbarcelona.es