01.07.2023 01.07.2023

I’ll dance as fast as I can


Art collective LR On Demand presents a new performance work that combines theater, music and dance. Performance artist Lisette Ros dances naked on a slippery dance floor. Gabriel Rolt (guitar and vocals) and Bas Geerts (percussion) provide the musical accompaniment. The trio is placed in a triangle, Lisette Ros in front. The duration of the work is approximately 25 minutes. At the start Lisette Ros pours a golden liquid on the dance floor, making it very slick. Swept up by the music, Ros tries to dance faster and faster. This leads to falling and standing up again, while her body gets more and more covered by the red fluid.
The accompanying music is divided into eight short sections. The movements are distinguished by differences in dynamics and texture. At the end of the performance, Lisette Ros seeks interaction with the audience. The red liquid seems transformed into blood. ‘I’ll dance as fast as I can’ provides a commentary on important social themes. Questions concerning gender and sexuality are central, but also subjects like birth, slapstick and the rave culture are touched upon. An overwhelming performance with a very current content.
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