Èxit through the Ale-Hop


GRUP D’ESTUDI: Èxit through the Ale-Hop, is a workshop where a marketing study will be carried out by the Center de les Arts Lliures – Fundació Joan Brossa in relation to the MOCO Museum in Barcelona: neighboring spaces, recently (re)inaugurated but with very different audiences and modus operandi. Grup d’Estudi proposes a guided visit to the MOCO that will take place under the logic of “benchmarking” and that will end on the terrace of la Brossa with a brainstorming session and implementation of the proposals taking as a reference the program Nathan for You. We look for what we can learn and copy from the big commercial museums and also if they can imitate something from us.

Meeting point MoCo Museum at 5 p.m

Confirmation to fundacio@fundaciojoanbrossa.cat