Creative Ceramics Workshop – Modelling and Sculpture


Taught by: Ana Drucker and Ruda Echeverría

The workshop is focused on the creative development of the participants in manual construction with clay. Moving away from the most popular ceramic practices such as the utilitarian, we will seek to enhance the students’ ideas with popular and modern imagery, opening the way to new sculptural frontiers and the enjoyment of imperfection.

The different modeling techniques will be worked on, such as churros, plates, pinching and various decoration techniques with slips, so that each student can create a piece according to their interests.

Ana Drucker and Ruda Echeverría are artists who work with signature ceramics from different places but with equal fidelity to their personal creative processes and want to share their experiences, mistakes and successes.

Web: www.weirldwide.com


Price: €35

Contact and registration: https://www.instagram.com/ssuave3000/