09.07.2024 11.07.2024

Augury. The shape of an echo appeared as a trace

We often feel disoriented when we find ourselves far from a guide, when the road diverts from the path. Then, we look for a point of reference on which to cling, avoiding the discomfort of uncertainty. We consider this activation from displacement and with the desire to decentralise bodies and cause discomfort to the routes we already know. We begin from the augury as a prophecy in which two bodies unexpectedly meet on a corner. Augury as a language, as a warning assigned to birds, to their coordinates and their flights. From Sala d’Art Jove we activate a collective work process to consider ourselves within this very displacement with the artists Aeren Sànchez, Alicia Arévalo, Elsa Casanova Sampé, Emma Prats, Laia Velasco Flo, Maria Roy, Mireia Molina Costa, Oscar Moya Villanueva and teresa w. *The title alludes to the line “Then time became tomorrow, and the shape of echo appeared as a country” by the poet Mahmoud Darwish in “I am from here”.