Vicente Prieto Gaggero is a visual artist and sculptor, graduated from the Postgraduate in Contemporary Applied Arts, specializing in Ceramics, by the Escola Massana in Barcelona. From his sculptural practice, Prieto Gaggero uses clay as the central axis of a conscious political process, fusing pre-colonial elements with modern thoughts, reflecting on the complexity of the human condition in the Anthropocene era. His work explores – from a posthumanist perspective – the relationship of the human being with matter and time, while manifesting itself as an act of memory and conscious exploration of the past, putting in tension his Latin American identity and his reality as a migrant in Europe. The artist’s choice of materialities, contrasting clay with synthetic formulations, is a representation of the ecological disaster and the utopia/dystopia dichotomy of this era defined by human influence on the planet. Prieto Gaggero’s research highlights the importance of the use of the senses – such as touching or feeling – around creation and reflection, relating it to matter and form in a duality between the technological and the organic. The artist has held creative residencies in Spain, and has exhibited since 2014 individually and collectively in spaces in Chile, Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico, the United States and Spain.