Sol Jorquera Contreras is a visual artist graduated in 2015 from the visual arts career with the degree of visual producer at the University of Concepción. There he focused his learning mainly in traditional photography, digital and video. Since then he is dedicated to the creation of work through the exploration of the languages of photography, video and installation, exploring concepts such as landscape, memory, identification and representation. During the period 2014-2023 he has exhibited in different exhibition spaces in the Bío-Bío region and the metropolitan region, highlighting “Imagen Pérdida” (2015) at the Pinacoteca de la Universidad de Concepción and in the Museo sin Muros hall of the MNBA Mall plaza Vespucio; and “El recuerdo y su violencia cotidiana” in the Viva Biblioteca Mall plaza Trébol (2018) and the Viva Biblioteca Mall Los Ángeles hall.