Samuel Guerrero (b. 1997, Mexico City) lives and works in Mexico City. Samuel Guerrero’s work approaches an interpretation of the experiential through the assimilation of territory, its cultural and political implications; the deconstruction and reconstruction of the body, as well as the formation of new appearances through elements of social identity. Guerrero’s works is shaped by experiences of the adversities of a territory and moments in which the perception of conceiving one’s self in a specific body and region determines the notion of space historically and culturally. Both towards the reference and speculation of contents and aesthetics of what came before, as well as adaptations and interpretations towards the future, by means of a constant conversation for different periods understood by the non-linear time patterns. Recent solo exhibitions include Solo presentation, LISTE, Basel (2022); Destino vas muy rápido, Lodos, Mexico City (2021); Observatorio, Ladrón galería, Mexico City (2021). Flor del valle with Sterling Hedges, Rudimento, Quito (2020); Samuel Guerrero, Antes de Cristo, Mexico City (2019).