Rita Sala (Barcelona, 1994) currently lives and works in Barcelona. Graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona, Master in Curatorship: exhibitions, design and spaces at EINA, and currently studying the Degree in Humanities at the UOC. He combines his artistic practice with participation in curatorial projects. Thus, since 2021 she has been part of the collective that manages, coordinates and curates the exhibition space La Butxaca Màgica. In recent years, he has been investigating the human need to mean the space he occupies and surrounds, and to find a sense. From here the painting is proposed by configuring a space that, at the same time as it is contained, contains figures that function as a background and a background that is figure. His pictorial practice is a constant investigation into the narratives of images and languages. His work is based on pictorial narratives that alternate and overlap, which circulate and relate through different locations, levels and points of view. Some comings and goings, between abstract and everyday questions, that point to the same thing: human beings and their activity, thoughts and affections, memories and life stories. Currently, she is immersed in the preparation of her first solo exhibition at the gallery, within the framework of Art Nou (June 2024). Previously, she has individually exhibited her work in the TODAY/TOMORROW section of the Cape Town Art Fair, curated by Mariella Franzoni, with Ana Mas Projects (February 2024) and in the ‘Figure Satellite’ project in the Racoon Projects space, curated by Margot Cuevas (November 2023). Her group exhibitions include participation in CAN Ibiza (2023) with Ana Mas Projects, together with the artists Damaris Pan, Omar Vel’zquez, and Onka Allmayer-Beck; ‘Ple de forats’ at the Santa Mònica Arts Centre, curated by Elia Bagó, Marta Echavez (2021) and Sara Torresa (2023), ‘Girar l’esquena’, with Irene Brok and Laia Garcia and curated by Patrícia Feliu, Ainara Revuelta and Anna Sevilla, in La Butxaca Màgica (2023); ‘Bauen: palpem ecos i murmuris’ at the Felícia Fuster Foundation (2021) and ‘Estèticas de la proximitat’ at the Vila Casas Foundation (2021).