Nil Safont, born in Berga (Barcelona) in 1995 and graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona. At the age of 12, he instinctively began to delve into the universe of urban art and painting. His name is present, both nationally and internationally, in the sector’s panorama since 2017. He is co-founder and member of @malpais.malpais, a polyhedral OFF SPACE focused on artistic production with a great exhibition space and annual programming in Barcelona. His work and his pictorial research represent the constant search for a personal and representative view of the social aspects that he considers significant around him, through a figurative, realistic pictorial language and neo-impressionist character. Muralist and painter, mainly interested in urban art and interventions in public space, his works are large-format paintings that use the walls of the streets as canvases. He works on issues closely linked to the different everyday life that he discovers in each social context where he has to work and is interested in a visual language that can raise awareness. The main themes of his work and his research through painting and photography, revolve around education, indoctrination and human behavior and its relationship with the figures of power around him. Apart from the creation of murals and his participation in various muralism projects internationally, his work study has involved him to be part of other artistic circuits such as exhibitions or shows, both with art galleries as well as more alternative exhibition spaces.