(Durango, Mexico, 1994)

Nestor Ceniceros’ work investigates and explores what is known within the world of nightlife and trap as “rally”, the trip to the party or aimlessly. They are also part of the reading of his research, the spaces (public / common), those where the collective happens; how well, the clubs, the street as a possible meeting place or the visual imaginary of the meme. Lands of popular fiction, social expression and productivity with which he establishes ironic and critical dialogues from different formats. Through installations, performative actions or the mediation of external projects, it gives rise to narratives that play and tense the limits between the multiple agents and the institution. Nestor Ceniceros, based in Barcelona since 2009, studied Fashion Design at Escola Illa (Sabadell) and Design and Art at Escola Massana (Barcelona). His work has been developed at “Haimney Gallery” Barcelona (2021/22) as gallery coordinator and exhibited through “Low Haze” at Hangar + Sala d’Art Jove, Barcelona (2022); “Distensions #1” Sala d’Art Jove + MACBA (2021); “SEISMES” Fabra i Coats (2021); “Espora Fest” Fabra i Coats (2021); «Centrifugacions IV» collective exhibition Escola Massana (2021); “De aquellos polvos estos lodos” collective exhibition Sala d’Art Jove (2021); Residency at Fabra i Coats: Centre d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona i Fàbrica de Creació (2020). “VERNISSAGE” collective exhibition at Escola Massana Barcelona (2020); “La Màteria Editada” collective exhibition Fundació Privada Espai Guinovart (2019). «Frontières-Boundaries», collective exhibition at Cultures Maison, Brussels (2019) and «RETROINSPECTION» 080 Barcelona Fashion Week 2017.