Mexico City, 2000 Graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona. Their practice wanders around the hand made, what remains outside the frame and the image installed in space. They look for a particular enunciation place that is both body and matter. Participated in the worksop Malla gría with artist Julia Spínola in etHALL, the year 202, and that same year, also participated in the workshop held by artist and curator Quim Pujol at La Caldera, within the project Cascades organized by the dancer Julia Rubies. Exhibited in a group show next to Júlia Vives Vàzquez and Cesc Hernàndez in Homesession, within the cycle of Art Nou in 2022 and also in the graduate show Sense Títol 22 held by the University of Barcelona. They have self published short copy editions with Mar Negre (2021) and Janus Books (2020). Takes part in the project choro, environment for pedagogical experimentation based in Foc, since 2023.