Marta Ciołkowska (Lodz, 1993). Marta Ciolkowska was born in Lodz (PL) in 1993 and currently lives in Giarre (CT), Italy. She has a Master of Arts in Interior Design from the Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz (Poland). She deals with video, installation, sculpture and graphics, exploring the topics of human relations and impact on the environment and the influence that the surrounding technology has on a modern man. In 2014 she won the scholarship for the foreign mobility Erasmus+ and attended the one semester at Academy of Fine Arts in Catania (Italy). In the last few years she took part in different international exhibitions, festivals, workshops and artist in residency programs. She is present in many catalogs and publications of exhibitions and artistic events. Currently, she travels between Poland and Italy to realize her projects and to participate in internships and workshops.