(Barcelona, 1992)

Lives and works in Berlin. Graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona and in the specialty of sculpture at the Massana School (Barcelona) where she obtained an honorable mention with the project “La Grieta. Espai Entre”.

Her pieces have been exhibited nationally and internationally in the following art spaces: Salon am Moritzplatz (Berlin, 2022); ChezPlinio (Milan, 2022); Sainte Anne Gallery (Paris, 2022); Grund (Berlin, 2021), Fundació Felicia Fuster (Barcelona, 2021); Berlin Art Week (Berlin, 2020); Kunstquartier Bethanien (Berlin, 2019); XXI Bienal d’Art Contemporani Català (around Catalonia, 2018) among others. She has been a guest resident at the “Berlin guest resident” of the GlogauAir Center of Art (Berlin, 2021) and resident artist at the Ifitry Contemporary Art Center (Morocco, 2014).