Painter and muralist, born in Falset in 1985, currently based in Barcelona. His paintings and murals portray elderly people in an ironic but at the same time respectful way. Through sarcasm and an unmistakable own style he creates a series of characters endearing ones who rebel against stereotypes. His work has become a worldwide phenomenon that will continue to grow because honoring our elders crosses any kind of border, both physical and mental. This Catalan artist graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona, completing her studies at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam and with a postgraduate degree in creative illustration at the Eina school in Barcelona. She has won the first Pincel Cuixart prize and the Junceda prize in the specific spaces category. It also has the silver medal of the ÑH Awards (Spain and Latin America). He has exhibited at Furiosa Gallery (Madrid 2020) with a duo show with the sculptor Mico Rabuñal. Previously a solo show at the Domina Domna space in Bergamo (2017) and another at Miscelanea (Barcelona 2016) He has also participated in different collective exhibitions in cities such as San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Denver, Paris, London, New York and Miami, etc. He has also participated in urban art festivals such as Shine Faestival (St Peters, Florida) Cura Festival (Belo Horizonte, Brazil), The Crystal Ship (Oostende, Belgium), Vision Art (Crans Montana, Switzerland), The Raw Project (Miami , Florida), Paseo Pionero (Cancún, Mexico) among others, in addition to collaborating on artistic projects with companies such as Adidas, Netflix, Estrella Damm, Primavera Sound, etc.