Graduated in Painting from the Academia Nacional de Bellas Artes de Cuba San Alejandro, Havana, 2008. He has numerous personal exhibitions, such as Paisajes Menguantes, at OMPI, Geneva, Switzerland (2017); Tierra y paisaje de Cuba at Begramoff Gallery, Brussels, Belgium (2018); Soy Isla, at Residencia de la embajada de Bélgica en La Habana, Cuba (2020). He has also participated in national and international group exhibitions, among others: Cuba: Identity and Difference at Palazzo Ca’ Zenobio, Venice, Italy (2019); Cuban Contemporary Exhibit at Sarger Braudis Gallery, Missouri, USA (2020); and in international fairs such as Miami Art Basel Week, in Miami, FL. USA (2016). He currently lives and works in Madrid, Spain. His work is part of important private collections such as Edward Labouret, New York; Frederic Bolduc, Canada; and Jehanne Roccas, Brussels.